Want to challenge yourself and have fun? Become a Witekian. 

Positive and flexible working environment
Professional growth and mentorship paths
Diversity and international context
Software is in our DNA
Ahead of the curve tech & projects
Great work atmosphere! Team members are extremely supportive.
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Who are we?

Witekio thrives thanks to our people, the talent we have, and the creativity we offer. 

We love software and live by the motto ‘excellence and fun’. 

Why do we exist?

We help device makers bring products to life. We eat, drink and sleep software and are passionate about solving problems with technology. 

What do we do?

As an on-demand IoT Software Partner, we work across a host of industries to help our clients accelerate time to market, level up products and reduce project risks. 


5 offices
In 4 countries
Customers and projects
20% female
We champion women in tech

Positive & Flexible
Working Environment

Choose to work on site, fully remotely or combine both options
Flexible working hours
Open communication and easy access to management
Relaxed atmosphere
Friendly environment and fun team activities: video and board games, sports, after work events, happy hour and more.

« At Witekio, we’re proud to offer flexibility in terms of when people work, but also where they work »

What you need to know Q&A

What is the average age of a Witekian?

The average age of a Witekian is 34 years old.

What is the gender divide at Witekio?

How big is the team at Witekio?

What's in the future for Witekio?

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